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Minggu, 04 Oktober 2015

Basement Flooding : How To Protect Your Building (Property) From Flash Flood ?

Floodgate, Flood Barrier : Flood Protection System For Building & Homes 

Why not be protected by easy flood defense system?

Do not let the floods hit your property, which will destroy all things whats in it.
Speak to us, and we will provide the best solution for you !!!
We offer you  a full design, manufacture and installation service for all types and sizes of  flood protection system

A rapid deployment flood defense system
Flood Protection Gate or Floodgate, Flood Barrier :  is a rapid deployment flood defense system to protect people and property (in private home or commercial and office building) , residential properties and whole communities, as well as industrial or other strategic areas from inland waterway floods caused by heavy rainfall, extreme high tides, tsunamis, or failure of dams. Floodgate system is constantly ready for uses in a flash flood situation, and it can be designed and installed in any length and height.  

We receive order in accordance with the conditions in the field and based on the user's needs.  There are 3 types (model) of  flood protection system that we offer to you are as bellow :

(NOTES : The product selection of floodgate is based on the  empty space to be protected, and the space for the movement of floodgate system)


Sliding Floodgate is designed as a gateway in general. It has  ability to move sliding horiontally to the right and to the left. And door panels can go up and down vertically to open and close the brunt of flood water. Quick and easy operation. 

It will always be attached to the gateway system which has two functions as a gate and as a flood protection door.  Simple one person operation.

Horizontally sliding floodgate are available for locations where side-hinged or flip-up gates will not fit and removable floodgate are not desired. Horizontal sliding gates are typically manually operated with the panel sliding on rollers and tracks. The floodgate panel can sliding vertically :  lifted and lowered with mechanical system. Each of our sliding floodgates is individually designed for the specific customer’s requirements.

  • Efficient use of space with no 'swing area' as with traditional flood gates (use little space).
  • Can be designed for flood protection heights up to 5m and spans up to 7m.
  • Simple one person operation.
  • Ability to power / automate closing and opening.
  • Can be designed to fit in with building aesthetic.
  • Always on-site ready to be deployed.

Sliding floodgate, consist of the following components:
  • Door Panel (floodgate panel) & Carrier Frame 
  • Cantilever Pillar
  • Ground  Fitting (threshold) and Tracking Rail
  • Cover Frame of Door Panel
  • Mechanical System of  Up-Down  Panel Door
  • Roller  & Rubber Sealing (Gasket )
  • Latch (Locking System) Latching designed for simple and  quick installation.


It’s a flood protection system that is designed as like an opened and closed the door, which is based on the strength of the precision hinge as the axis swivel base point. Equipped with a leak-proof protection system by rubber seal, and operated with a simple locking system that is practical and fast .

Hinged floodgate or flood barrier, consist of the following components:
1.       Door Panel (floodgate panel)
2.       Precision Hinge
3.       Jamb (Side Support Frame in Left and right side)
4.       Threshold (Steel Plate Bottom Fitting) 
5.       Rubber Sealing (Gasket)
6.       Locking System ( Latch)
7.       Roller (optional), and all necessary fastenings and accessories required to complete the installation.

Hinged floodgate usually used for a building or property that has a wide space in back or front side for swing movement of the door panel. 

It’s designed stand alone and separated from the gateway construction . Installed at the time of the flood will come; and remove at the time of the floods would subside.  

Our removable floodgate  is individually designed for the specific customer’s requirements. Door panels will be installed at the time of floods, and is released when the flood is over. This type of flood protection system usually are used for property .  It’s  also a simple operation by one person.  


Please don,t hesitate to contact us, we will serve you with pleasure. And please give us the first data as bellow :
Company Name / Costumer



Contact Person & Mobile Phone


Type of Floodgate
A. Sliding
B. Hinge
C. Removable
Length and Height of Gate
Length x Height =
It will be better if the costumer send us any  gate pictures  from any side position. 

If you  need a  further information regarding to our products and services,
and to get free technical assistance, please contact us directly.
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