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Kamis, 01 November 2012

Flood Protection Gate System

Flood Protection Gate for  Building and Residential Areas
By BUSAERY ( ERRY) / PT. Prima Springs Mfg

Acede Flood Protection Gate are designed to protect your private and commercial building or residential area from flash flooding, such as:
  • Residential properties
  • Office and commercial building
  • Hotel and Hospital Building
  • Factory building  &  warehouse
  • General or Public Infrastructure.
  • Etc.

The product is designed for fast protection, ease of use, quick installation, and budgetable design.

We only design and make this product according to the costumer needs with many choices of material used, such as steel plate, wood, or alumuium.

Building with a flood gate system
In Gate 1 and Gate 2

Acede Flood Protection System consists of :

  1. Barrier in modular box ( Boxed frame) with rubber sealing
  2. Ground fitting
  3. Stanchion /
  4. And barrier support

How to Order ?
If you want to order this product, please send us the data required, such as :

  1. Dimension of gate area, if you want to protect the rising flood from the gate. Or dimension of door if you want to protect the rising flood for the door ( Length, height).
  2. Tell us where it’ll be applied ( for gate, door, engine room, or others)  and a type of building.
  3. Technical drawing of where the flood gate will be used. (  for a commercial building )
  4. Or you can invite us for coming to your place. 

Flood Protection Gate Installation
In Office / Commercial Building
In Jl. Sudirman Jakarta

Acede Flood Protection System can be generally applied for :
  • gates
  • doors
  • windows
  • Parking area in ground floor
  • Engine System & Electrical Room
  • Field, etc.

Flood Protection Gate Installation
Pantai Mutiara Residential-Jakarta

Flood Protection Gate Installation. 
Protect from  flood  of sea water tide - Jakarta

It’s important, that the flood protection system has closed relationship with one way water valve control system. The water from building and the gutter flow out to sewage city, by using one way valve control.

If you would any further information regarding to our products and services,
and to get free technical assistance, please contact us directly.

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